About Chef Israel Alvarez Molina

International Chef Israel Alvarez Molina comes from a background where Nixtamal Tortillas are an essential part of every meal. When he moved to Canada, Chef Israel experienced a lack of identity through the loss of this vital connection. The texture, aroma, flavour, and complexity of Nixtamal Tortillas was missing and along with it a sense of connection to culture. While trying to rebuild his new life as a Canadian, Chef Israel envisioned using his skills to bring the experience of Nixtamalized Corn to his new home. Using his knowledge of Mexican gastronomy as a foundation Chef Israel is showcasing the terroir of his home in the Pacific Northwest.



Tasting Victoria People’s Choice Awards – Favourite Artisanal Food or Beverage Product
Times Colonist – News Print

Article by Darron Kloster

YAM Magazine – Jan/Feb 2021

Article by Cinda Chavich on page 16

Victoria Buzz – Online Publication

Article by VicFoodGuys

Fundación Tortilla – Online Publication

Article by Alejandro Dungla

“In Victoria, chef Israel Alvarez is not only keeping the tradition alive, he’s found a way to fuse his cultural heritage with that of the local landscape”.

– Daniel ball
Eat North – Online Publication

Article by Daniel Ball

Eat North – Online Publication

Article by Daniel Ball

CBC All Points West

With Kathryn Marlow

“His dishes offer respite from our day-to-day life, with ancient kernels and an honest approach that allows you to savour Mexican culture”.

– Chelsea Forman
YAM Magazine – Summer 2020

Article by Cinda Chavich on page 52

Edible Magazine – Summer 2020

Article by Twyla Campbell on page 10

Boulevard Magazine – February/March 2020

Article by Chelsea Forman on page 18

“No matter where he hangs his apron, Israel Alvarez’s mission remains the same: to share his culture through terroir”.

– Twyla Campbell
Eat Magazine – January/February 2020

Article by Shelora Sheldan on page 32

Eat Magazine – March/April 2019

Article by C Chavich, G Easdon, A Paradis, and D Murphy on page 16

Culinaire – April 2018

Article by Phil Wilson on page 30

“It’s like having fresh potatoes or potatoes out of a box … like having fresh-baked bread from a bakery or processed bread … like freshly ground espresso or instant coffee,” says Alvarez. “The difference in quality is very big.”


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