Vancouver Island Tortillas made with Stone Ground Organic BC Corn Kernels

The foundation of a taco is a good tortilla
made with Nixtamilized Corn. When eating
a Nixtamal Taco you don’t just taste the corn,
you taste the process.

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A higher quality tortilla made with Stone Ground Certified Organic Corn, grown in Armstrong BC, using Chef Israel Alvarez Molina’s technique, inspired in the traditional Mesoamerican Nixtamalization process.

Unlike the majority of tortillas in North America, MAiiZ Tortillas use corn kernels to make fresh Nixtamal Masa Dough instead of factory produced powdered mixes. This Nixtamalization process maintains the nutritional integrity increasing the body’s ability to absorb those nutrients and preserves the flavour in the tortilla.

MAiiZ Nixtamal Tortillas have a flavour, aroma, texture and an elasticity that is lost when using masa that has been dried into flour. Our Tortillas feel and taste better.

It’s more than just authentic


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A Nixtamal Tortilla is the foundation of Mexican cuisine and the backbone of Mexican culture

What exactly is Nixtamal?

The short story of Nixtamal; it’s a process using dried, organic corn kernels, water and calcium hydroxide, a naturally occurring alkaline mineral use by the Aztecs and Mayans. The corn is boiled, ground and formed into fresh tortillas.

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