At the heart of every excellent taco is an excellent tortilla
made of fresh Nixtamal Corn Masa. With MAiiZ Tortillas
you taste the difference because you can
taste the process.

Vancouver Island Tortillas
created with
Nixtamalized Organic BC Corn



MAiiZ Tortillas are impeccable quality tortillas made with Volcanic Stone-Ground Certified Organic Corn grown in Armstrong BC. Chef Israel Alvarez Molina has adapted the traditional Mesoamerican Nixtamal process to suit BC Corn, resulting in a tortilla that is both unique and a taste of home.

The Nixtamal process increases the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients present in the corn as well as increasing the calcium value of the corn itself. Making our Tortillas from FRESH Masa means that the tortillas have a beautiful elasticity and texture that hold up to the juiciest salsas while having a flavour so bright that they are delicious all on their own.


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A Nixtamal Tortilla is the foundation of Mexican cuisine and the backbone of Mexican culture

What exactly is Nixtamal?

The short story of Nixtamal; it’s a process using dried, organic corn kernels, water and calcium hydroxide, a naturally occurring alkaline mineral use by the Aztecs and Mayans. The corn is boiled, ground and formed into fresh tortillas.

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