Nixtamal Tortillas (1 Dozen)


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1 Dozen Nixtamal Tortillas.

Ingredients: BC Organic Corn, Calcium Hydroxide (Slaked Lime), Water.


  1. Laura

    These tortillas are the BEST. I’ve always been a flour tortilla fan over corn, and these have totally changed my opinion. They are so versatile and the flavour is fantastic!!

  2. Brett

    Great Tortillas, so fresh, wonderful flavour I only wish there was a larger size for making Enchiladas. These ones work, but larger would be better

  3. Meg

    Deliciosa! The Nixtamal tortillas are fantastic. We are so fortunate to have this traditional craft handmade locally. Thank you for providing Victoria the opportunity to enjoy your labour of love.

  4. Josee weinkauf

    So,so good. Will not eat any other now.

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