Round Tortilla Press


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Make your own Nixtamal Tortillas

Press comes with 1 FREE pound of Nixtamal Masa Dough

Round 8.25” diameter home-press made from Cast Iron


Allow Nixtamal Masa Dough to warm to room temperature, knead with your hands in a bowl until soft and tacky. Add very small amounts of water if needed. Divide your Nixtamal Masa Dough into the amount of Tortillas you would like to have (we use 25g for 18 small Tortillas).

Roll each section into a ball (this is called a ‘testalitos’), make sure to cover these with a damp towel as you work so the Masa does not dry out. Use two pieces of plastic, the grocery store produce bags work best, placing one piece of plastic on the bottom of your tortilla press and the other on top of your ball of dough, press down evenly on the dough. Evenly peel off the plastic and cook the Nixtamal Tortilla on a hot nonstick pan without oil. The Temperature will depending on your stove, if using gas use medium high heat, on electric number 8. Cook the tortilla for 8 to 10 seconds on each side until it is flexible. If you are lucky it will puff!

Keep your tortilla warm in a towel while you cook the rest, and enjoy!


This holiday share home made Nixtamal Tortillas with the culinary adventurer in your life


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8.25 inches


Cast Iron


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