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It takes premium-grade stainless steel, skilled tradesmen and rigorous quality-control to make a Tortilla press as high quality as the Nixtamal Dough it will be pressing. Our Tortilla Press is top of the line and is perfect for both Chefs and passionate home cooks. 

This food grade stainless steel press is easy to clean, durable, and extremely strong. Using this high-quality metal ensure it is safe and functional. 

Each press is crafted exclusive for you and will take 3 weeks from purchase to delivery. 

More about the materials: 

– 18/10 stainless steel (18% chromium, 10% nickel) 

– 304 grade stainless steel 

– Resistant to erosion, corrosion, and oxidation from organic and nitric acids

– Fully compacted and polished surface

– Passivation treated stainless steel forming protective layer

 Iron with chromium (18%), nickel (10%), manganese (2%), Carbon (0.08%), Phosphorus (0.04%), sulfur (0.03%) and Silicon (1%)


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