MAiiZ as a Business


Using Organic BC corn to make nutritional high quality tortillas for restaurants and home cooks alike, making good food for good people. Taste the process.

Corporate Values

Community / Excellence

Caring / Culture

Sustainability / Ambition

Business Value / Relationship

Guiding Principles

  • Create honest food with and transparency, putting local farmers first 
  • Make Nixtamalized corn products more accessible, using organic BC grown corn
  • Work towards reducing environmental impact by sourcing locally and working sustainably
  • Grow as a business with purpose and stability
  • Provide education on Nixtamalization and its nutritional advantages

What Chefs Say

What Israel and MAiiZ are doing right here in Victoria is really cool for a lot of reasons. First and foremost the taste, there’s no comparison when it comes to masa anywhere, certainly not in any of the powdered mixes that are around. Secondly the history, they are bringing a handmade process, thousands of years old in Mexico to Victoria for everyone to experience, enjoy and straight up make food better! I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to work with them.

Chef Clark Deutscher
Nowhere *A Restaurant and Hanks* A Restaurant

We’ve made attempts over the years at making our own masa dough, that wouldn’t hold a candle to this. Chef Israel Alvarez has started his own company called MAiiZ Nixtamal where he’s proper nixtamalizing BC organic corn (also selling ready made tortillas) and it’s truly something special. As I’ve said before, we make 99% of what we well in house, but when something is being made in such an absolutely beautiful way that you have no change of even attempting to replicate, damn straight I’ll put it on the menu.

Chef Mat
Be Love

What customers say

I love how the tortillas held together perfectly without breaking or getting soggy.


My Mexican son’s verdict was
“Se siente el sabor de Mexico!”
“I can taste the flavour of Mexico”


Chef Israel and Chef Clark

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