Mexican Adobo with Pasilla and Guajillo Peppers

Abobo has an interesting history and the same word is used to describe multiple things. In this case, it is a basic sauce made from pasilla and guajillo peppers giving flavour to any Mexican food it’s added to. DIRECTIONS: Heat heavy skilled over low heat, toast pasilla and guajillo peppers frequently turning over and pressingContinue reading “Mexican Adobo with Pasilla and Guajillo Peppers”

Spot Prawn Ceviche Tostada | Customer Recipe

A Ceviche Tostada is the perfect summer treat. Ceviche is a dish where the seafood (fish, shrimp etc) is marinated in citrus to denature the protein curing it and giving it a cooked appearance, then mixing in flavourful veggies. Our friend Alex (@se.vus) made this dish and shared the recipe for you to try atContinue reading “Spot Prawn Ceviche Tostada | Customer Recipe”

Mole Sauce Enmolada | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe

Enmolada is an enchilada covered in mole sauce instead of a chili sauce. Our version uses turkey and feta cheese for a deliciously flavourful combination. Directions: Preheat oven to 375F In a large frying pan gently bring Turkey to simmer for 5 minutes. Add in up to ¼ cup of water or chicken stock toContinue reading “Mole Sauce Enmolada | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe”

Enchilada | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe

A dish that often comes to mind when you thing Mexican food. an enchilada consists of corn tortillas rolled around a filling such as meat, cheese, beans or vegetables, and then covered in a savory sauce. DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 375F First, in a large frying pan gently bring Chicken Tinga Mix to simmer forContinue reading “Enchilada | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe”

Mexican ChoriQueso | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe

Directions: In a heavy bottom pan add a teaspoon of cooking oil, any optional fillings to sweat then crumble in the Mexican Chicken Chorizo. Leave to brown for 20- 30 seconds. Move around the pan until the meat is cooked through. While the meat is cooking, warm your MAiiZ Nixtamal Tortillas on a hot dryContinue reading “Mexican ChoriQueso | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe”

Adobo Fish, Marinated & Fried | Pescado Adobado

Ingredients: – 6 – Six oz fish fillets or steaks – 2 tsp kosher salt – ½ cup Basic Adobo – 2 tbsp mild olive oil or vegetable oil – 1 lime cut into wedges  Directions: Score skin of fillets in a crosshatch pattern with a sharp knife. Pat dry and season with salt, then coat with adoboContinue reading “Adobo Fish, Marinated & Fried | Pescado Adobado”

Pozole Soup | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe

Pozole soup is a traditional mexican dish made from hominy with added meat and topped with garnishes like shredded cabbage, radishes, onions, avocado or limes. It is served both as a day-to-day meal and as a festive dish. Ingredients: Directions: To make the Pozole Soup broth start by preheating a skillet to a medium high heat, toast peppersContinue reading “Pozole Soup | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe”

Jalapeno Crema | by Fettle Food

This recipe for Jalapeno Crema was created by Victoria based nutrition coach, Ann, of Fettle and Food. She uses this recipe with our Nixtamal Tortillas for a healthy taco night! DIRECTIONS: Add into a food processor and blend until smooth. Uses: Tacos, Eggs, Corn, Dip Per 1/4 cup (based on 2% greek yogurt)Calories: 44 caloriesProtein:Continue reading “Jalapeno Crema | by Fettle Food”