Quesadilla | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe

The classic Quesadilla, a perfect snack, especially when starting with the simply delicious Nixtamal Tortillas. Start with our basic quesadilla recipe and add any filling you can think of! If you need a little inspiration, a quick google search will open up a world of possibilities like these.


1 package Cheese Curds
12 MAiiZ Nixtamal Tortillas


Preheat your pan to medium high heat until it sizzles when water is flicked on it.

Add one MAiiZ Nixtamal Tortilla wait 15 seconds then flip. Add cheese on top, put a new Tortilla on top. When the cheese melts to the first Tortilla carefully flip it over and cook until the cheese melts.

Serve with your choice of condiments; Hot SauceSalsa, or add cooked mushrooms, shredded chicken, or epazote dried herb in with the cheese.

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