Barbacoa Beef | MAiiZ Meal Kit Recipe

Beef Barbacoa is a staple taco filling. Traditionally cooked in a hole dug in the ground covered with agave leaves, or slow-cooked over an open fire, now a day the meat is steamed or braised until tender. Known for its strong flavour, these tacos are often accompanied with onions and cilantro.


1lb Beef Barbacoa by Haus Sausage Co
12 MAiiZ Nixtamal Tortillas


Reheat Barbacoa in a preheated pan with juice from the package, cover and slowly warm fully.

**Optional: Mix in a package (to taste) of Chef Israel’s Black Mole sauce.

In a different hot pan warm each MAiiZ Nixtamal Tortillas and wrap in a kitchen towel to keep the, warm.

Optional toppings: Cilantro, Diced White or Red Onion, SalsaHot Sauce

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